Slurry Pumps & Spares

Additional Information

Our Slurry Pumps are designed for heavy duty applications for continuous use in pumping of highly abrasive and high-density slurry.  The design and quality of pumps and parts are key to achieving a long service life thus achieving reduced maintenance requirements resulting in lower cost of ownership.  


Features & Advantages

  • Fully interchangeable spare parts with the most common slurry pump designs on the market.
  • High quality materials such as rubber, chrome (27% & 35%), various grades of metal and stainless steel alloys as well as ceramic impellers for certain applications.
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance.
  • Heavy duty design incorporating the latest production technologies for all parts.
  • Interchangeability and parts availability ensures full support to customers.


AFP AH-A Horizontal Slurry Pump




  • AFP offers a complete range of pump sizes across the full selection of pump types and materials.
  • Discharge sizes varying from 25 to 457mm with performance efficiencies up to 5400 m³/hr.
  • Large internal passage designed to reduce internal velocities to maximise wear life and lower operating cost.
  • A range of seal types are available to suite every requirement such as gland, expeller & mechanical seals.
  • Pumps can be installed in multi-stage high pressure applications.
  • Elastomer, chrome and ceramic liners provide high corrosion & abrasion resistance for any application in addition to being 100% interchangeable. 


AFP SP-A Vertical Sump Pump



The AFP SP-A Heavy Duty Vertical Sump Pump is designed for handling abrasive and corrosive liquids and slurry and suited for all sump applications. Its vertical design combined with a small footprint and various shaft lengths makes it ideal for a diverse range of mineral process installations.

  • Cantilever design thus there are no submerged bearings.
  • Top and bottom inlets allow for “dry run” conditions, with no need for priming.
  • Transport of dense and corrosive slurry.
  • Simple installation.Heavy duty bearings and no shaft sealing required.
  • Available with rubber linings.
  • Large impeller passage reduce risk of blockage.
  • Various shaft lengths available.


AFP DTV-A Sump Pump



The AFP DTV-A Sump Pump range is suited for applications such as spillage, carbon transfer, sump drainage, dewatering, etc.The cantilever design minimises the risk of flow blockage during operations and feature non-submerged roller bearings or seals. The design allows for easy installation and requires a minimal amount of parts for maintenance and or for overhaul. 

  • Twin volute discharge, reducing shaft deflection and radial load to the impeller.Transport of dense and corrosive slurry.
  • Open impeller design in high chrome.Heavy duty bearings.
  • Various material options available such as stainless steel.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Various shaft lengths available.Open five-vane top suction impeller design enables the handling of large solids.